31 Days to Get What You Want, Day 1: Reframe Negative Thoughts

Everyday in January, I will be posting tips to crush your excuses and get exactly what you want this year. Here is your first tip:

Reframe Negative Thoughts

No matter what may have caused you to adopt an “I’m doomed, I may as well give up: Happiness/success is not for me” head space, you can make the decision to change that—starting today.

One successful technique that psychologists use is called “re-framing”. Here’s how to do it:

1. Take a negative, habitual thought
2. Filter it in an objective manner through the light of reality
3. Replace your negative thought with a positive but realistic, corrected version
You can do this with any type of thought—business or personal.

For example, change “I always screw up” with: “I don’t always screw up. Sometimes I make mistakes, like everybody else—but I learn from them.”

My New Year’s Resolution in last year was to create a place online where I could personally connect with moms who want to work at home.

I knew it would be a place where I could give needed information, answer questions, and provide real opportunities to grow.

I’ve worked hard to make this dream come true – and it did! 

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