31 Days and Ways to Get What You Want, Day 2: What Are Your Triggers?

Every day in January, I will be posting tips to crush your excuses and get exactly what you want this year. Here is today’s tip:

If you find yourself procrastinating, don’t worry so much about the cause: Figure out your triggers instead.

What sends you into Avoidance-Land? Is it a particular topic you have to write about? The fact that you hate bookkeeping or cleaning house? A particularly unpleasant client? Or, are you upset and need a way to escape your life for awhile?

Sometimes when we identify causes and triggers, we are able to take the power away from it. (“Hey, I’m not ten years old any more. So what if I have to clean up?”) And,  there are other actions you can take.

Hire a cleaning lady once or twice a week if you hate housework or outsource your bookkeeping to a bookkeeper. Most important: Recognize and name your  trigger to take away its power.

You will feel empowered to make proactive choices and deal with what is making us want to put off a task or responsibility.

My New Year’s Resolution in last year was to create a place online where I could personally connect with moms who want to work at home.

I knew it would be a place where I could give needed information, answer questions, and provide real opportunities to grow.

I’ve worked hard to make this dream come true – and it did!

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