5-Minute Mom Solutions: Dealing With Disruption in 5-Minutes or Less






By Clarence Oliver

Every person knows the benefit of a well-organized schedule.  People who work for    themselves, especially in the home front know its importance even more.  And mothers know the importance of structure even more.  But, like everyone who has ever tried to create a well thought out plan, make a schedule stick, or keep everything in order, there are always disruptions.  For mothers, as so many of my clients have pointed out, it’s almost as part of the routine as the routine itself.

Disruption is part of life.  They’re going to happen.  They’re going to take your well-calculated and well-structured schedule and slow it down.  It stinks.  It’s annoying.  It’s part of life.  There are countless books that teach you to cut distractions and disruptions to the minimum, or how to file them away, or how to schedule time to deal with a disruption, so it becomes part of the schedule.  All of these books have great information in them.  But, almost all of them, leave out the real information that matters.  And that is, how do you get back on track emotionally and psychologically.   And here, I’m going to tell you how to get back on track in under 5-minutes, after you’ve addressed any disruption.

Disruptions are difficult for many reasons.  One is that time is finite.  But, for all the disruptions in the world, people still seem to be able to accomplish many great things.  So time isn’t that difficult to get reign over, especially when you’ve begun to master your own scheduling.  The real issue, it would seem, that is rarely addressed, is that when you’re disrupted by something your focus goes, you fall off course, and it’s difficult to capture that same flow you once had.   Why is that?

The thing about disruptions is that they have the ability to completely shift your state.  This can be the death for whatever you’re seeking to do.  Our states are fragile.  It doesn’t take much for us to be disheveled and confused.  This is why it’s important to live in the present moment.

Mindfulness is key when it comes to dealing with disruptions in your daily life.  Often times it’s hard to move from one challenge to another.  Though there’s much to be understood in controlling your state.  It is impossible to even begin to control your state however, when you haven’t begun to master a mindful state of being.

Mindfulness is key.   By living a mindful life, you’ll be able to recognize your emotional states, and only when you can recognize what state you’re in, can you begin to change it.  For this post, we’re going to give you a few techniques to become mindful.  If you want to develop a strong sense of mindfulness in your life, you’ll need to do a few specific things.

First, practice it.  This is very important.  Start taking your mind off of all the past pains and future worries, and start observing the spectacular now (a wonderful and fun movie by the way as well).

Start small.  Go out to lunch, or to a coffee shop, and take in the sounds, the orders, the rest of the people that are on autopilot and enjoy yourself.  Enjoy the taste of the coffee, the food, whatever you’re eating, savoring every last bite.  Escape your mind and experience everything that’s happening—or at least everything that you possibly can.  Do this for just 5 minutes a day and you’ll notice how much easier and faster you’re able to get there?

Next, practice focusing on your breathing.  You’re thrown off kilter, you want to get back on task, you need to breathe.  Your breathing will be key to break any state you’re in, to reestablish a previous flow, and to gain a sense of presence in your life.  For just 5-minutes, close your eyes, take a deep breath in, feeling the breath going down your throat, filling and expanding your lungs, and then slowly blow that breath out, feeling it escaping your body, and passing through your lips.  Repeat the process while clearing your mind and bringing your attention to the present and to what you have to accomplish.

Third and final, constantly enjoy the present moment, and work within it.  Deal with the problems in the present.  Get back to work in the present.  Day by day as you are working and living in the present moment, you’ll notice how much easier it is for you to live and be in the present moment.

One of my first clients, Teresa, was a Mother of three boys, two of which were twins, all of which were under five.  She adored her family and was so joyful that she could be a stay at home mother.  However, as the days moved forward, as accidents, incidents, and mistakes marred her busy schedule.  From one of her children being stung by a bee, to another fracturing his arm while jumping up and down on the bed, she had begun to dread the role of stay at home mother, and worst yet, lost in worry after worry of what would happen next.

Days after she started the mindfulness exercises, she was more relaxed.  But that wasn’t all, she was finding that she was able to stay on track, get back on track, and manage the chaos that was three boys.  She said, “I find myself feeling more in control and able to do more even though occasionally everything will go crazy, I’m dealing with it as it happens, instead of trying to plan for something I can’t plan for.”  It wasn’t that things got easier, not at all.  As any mother knows, life rarely gets easier.  It wasn’t that she got a new organization system.  She just needed to stop dreading the future, stop worrying about what could happen and start handling what happens.

Experience the present moment.  Experience a mindful life.  And as the days go by, you’ll notice something special, something unique, especially when it comes to dealing with those disruptions in your life.   Soon, those disruptions will no longer derail your day, and you’ll be able to deal with them easily.

For now, remember, your day’s are yours to make the best out of, to work hard, to achieve success, and to get the life that you want to have.

It doesn’t take hours out of your day to get in the right mental state.  It takes minutes.  It takes you moving away from the things that are causing you stress and moving your mind in the direction that will serve you, instead of the ways that will stall you.

So, your challenge for your next disruption is to not let it disrupt you a minute longer than you have to.

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