5 Reasons Why Our Resource Lists Feature Amazon Kindle eBooks

A Note from Georganne…

As you read the articles on, you will often find a list of resources under each topic.

Many of the resources listed are Amazon Kindle eBooks. Here are 5 reasons why I decided to use kindles as resources:

1. Sometimes, they are free. Almost always, they are low-cost. Last summer, I started a website, We got to know everything about kindles and, each day, we list 5 free and 5 specially-priced choices. concentrates on business topics, self-help, some fiction, and a cookbook each day. Authors sometimes offer their kindle ebooks free without notice.

2. You don’t need a Kindle reader to read kindle ebooks. Kindle tablets¬†are nice to have. (I have an older one, but I am seriously considering getting a brand new PaperWhite reader. It is the best reading experience.) But , it is not necessary to buy one in order to read kindle ebooks. You can read on your computer, your phone, your laptop, or your tablet.

3. There is no waiting. When you need information, you need it right now. When you buy a kindle ebook, it is yours instantly.

4. You can always have something to read. Did you ever take 1,00o books with you to the doctor or the park? You will if you get a kindle app for your smartphone or your tablet computer. The books are kept in the Amazon cloud just for you. Click on the app and see all of the covers and then just choose the one you want to read at that moment.

5. No middle man. ¬†Books that go through the publishing process of a larger publisher are sometimes edited so much that the “voice” of the author is lost. Self-published kindle ebooks come directly from the author to you. Sometimes, that isn’t a good thing, but often it is quite refreshing and intimate.

So, that’s why we list kindle ebooks for more information at the end of our articles and blog posts.