The Best Way to Make Money Online

Selling information is the best way to make money online.

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Information products can be sold or given away for free in order to increase profits, credibility, traffic and much more. The term information product can apply to all factual books, reports, transcripts etc. but in the online world, the phrase is used to describe electronically deliverable, knowledge-based products. They are digital goods that are available to download, or e-mail to the customer.

Information products are usually in written format, but in recent years, audio and video files have become more popular.

Here are some examples of possible information-based product ideas:

Survey results
Training Courses

Advantages of online information products

Online information products are cheap, simple to produce and they’re low risk products that you can create yourself. Even better, they’re always in demand. Many businesses love information products and use them regularly as part of their product line and marketing plan. Here are a few of the advantages of selling online information products rather than traditional physical products.

Low start up costs

Producing quality information products requires very little investment. Once you have a domain and a host, you only need the ability to create .PDF files or similar and you are ready to create your product.

The production costs remain the same no matter how many copies of your information product you sell. Creating multiple products is the same as copying a file.

Easy Order Fulfillment

There are no packaging or shipping costs with online information products and they can be delivered to the customer within minutes of order, with no possibility of getting lost in transit.

Low overhead

With an online information product you will not have to employ someone to oversee production, to manage your inventory, or to organize shipping. You will not have to buy or maintain expensive equipment to manufacture your product and you will not have to hire premises to house that equipment.

Creating your own information products can provide you with a profitable source of income as well as building up your reputation as an expert in your subject area.

Try it Out:

If you were to write or produce an information product for your business, what could it be about? Brainstorm the possibilities.


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