How to Get Free Kindle eBooks

A Note from Georganne…

Last summer, I devised a really good method of finding free kindle ebooks on each day. So, I decided to create a website, and is the result. I concentrate on business topics, self-help, fiction, and cookbooks. I am having a lot of fun with it, and have received very good feedback.

For example, Barbara Jo wrote:

I appreciate so much your wonderful work!

I always said that I would never, ever read books on a device. Since I got my Kindle and found your site, I’ve been reading them like mad. ¬†We just came to California as our son must have back surgery. Usually when I travel, I have to take 40 pounds of books. Not this time! Instead, I took 1 Bible, 1 business book..and my Kindle!

Thank you so much! My daughter and her friends also get your emails and love the ebooks you find!

Why Kindle eBooks are Free

Authors give away their ebooks for free as a promotional tool right after an ebook is published, and then sometimes once each month. The trick is to find out exactly when the free period starts and ends.

You Don’t Need to Own a Kindle Reader to Read Free Kindle eBooks offers a free app that allows you to read your kindle ebooks on your computer, your smartphone, your tablet, or your laptop. There is a link in the sidebar of that you can use to get the app. Or, you can go directly to

I wrote more about this on You can read all about free kindles there.

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