Here’s the Real Deal

I want to tell you a story to illustrate how serious I am about being 100% honest with you.

I had the opportunity to make money by putting a “job” search engine on this site. I could make money by selling ad space to “advertisers” who want to list their “jobs” on this search engine. The focus could be online or at home jobs. Sounds good, doesn’t it?

I tried out this search engine on another website. Every ad that came up made me feel uncomfortable. Sure, I could put a disclaimer on the search engine to tell you that you should be careful and that I can’t review every job offer.

I chose not to do that.

I just can’t sell out for a few advertising dollars — so I declined.

If you want me to paint pretty pictures when I give you information about working online at home, you will be disappointed.

If you want the real deal, come to me.

Make a $1,000 online your first month? Unlikely. Make $353.42 a week? No, using an odd amount of money won’t make the claim seem more truthful to me.

My career is based on your success.

It will be 30 years on Mother’s Day since I started Mothers’ Home Business Network and began helping moms find legitimate ways to work at home. 30 years…it seems like it was just yesterday that I was a young mom at home with two kids looking for a way to manage it all.

I successfully created a career for myself and raised my children – all under one roof. Now, my mission is to help other moms achieve the highest level of success possible online.

After all these years, I can tell a scam a mile away. I can also protect you from what I call MOs. Misleading Opportunities.

MOs may sound good and may be based on a sliver of truth, but ultimately, they don’t deliver.

There are wonderful opportunities for working online but how do you know who you can trust?

Did you know that at least two of the biggest sites that traditionally help moms work at home have been sold? They may look the same, but they are not. At least one has been bought by an insurance company. Another is owned by a man who does not live in America.

It is sad but true that you might not even be able to trust other moms. Some who have fallen for a misleading opportunity sometimes turn around and try to convince others to follow their lead so that they can make money by scamming you.

Look around any work-at-home website. Are there ads for MOs or other questionable “opportunities” there? You have the ability to put away your wishes and hopes long enough to evaluate what you see.

You can come to and this blog…and soon Mom$Online… and believe what you read.

If I have any doubt about any resource or opportunity, I will not write about it, or I will tell you exactly what I think.

No one can guarantee how much money you will make if you follow their advice.

I can guarantee that I will always tell you the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth.


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    What a great article. I have been a working mom for 5 years, running a home-based business, while raising my two kids. We are in this together as I an excellent example to them of how hard work pays off. We all save money together because we all see mommy working very hard for it. You have inspired me!

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