Becoming an Information Marketer

Information marketers make money by selling information in the Internet. It can be information that they write and produce themselves or they can sell other people’s information products.  The most successful inforpreneurs do both.

Why Information Products are Hot

Information products are becoming extremely popular and one of the reasons for this is we live in a time when people want their information and they want it now. Think about it, someone logs on to the Internet late at night feeling tired and miserable because they can’t sleep and they start searching for sleep help and a website featuring a great information product which will show that that person how they can get more sleep comes up.  Sure that person could probably find a lot of that information for free if they searched online long enough, but they don’t have days to search, they want to get to sleep now.  With an information product, they can instantly download and be reading that product all in less than 5 minutes. People are extremely busy and want their info fast and also on the go.

Many information products are a combination of audio as well as text.  This is due to the increasing number of people wanting to take their information with them.  Audio information products are great for busy people too.  Information products can be written on a wide variety of subjects, from recipes to work at home, to parenting. An information product shouldn’t be much different from a standard product.  It should provide useful, valuable information to the purchaser and be of a high standard.  The only difference is information products can be digitally downloaded, which means you don’t deliver a physical product to the customer.

Here are a few more reasons why information products are great for all business owners:

Once you write the product it keeps producing for you. 

Once you cover the costs of putting the product together, all future sales are profits. 

You do the work once and the product keeps working for you over and over again.

They’re simple to put together.

With a research outline you can quickly put together an information product.

You don’t have to worry about finding a publisher or printing costs.

All you need to do is take the information you have on a subject and put it into words or audio (or both). You can send traffic to your website.  By creating an affiliate program others will help you promote your information product, which means they will drive traffic to your website and help sell your product for a commission.  What a great way to build an effective sales force. You do the work once and it keeps producing for you.  If you offer a service online you can put together an information product which will earn you a nice passive income.

No matter how you look at it information products are hot.  They’re in demand and this is a great time to get started writing information products.

First Steps to Writing your First Information Product

You’ve read all the benefits about having your own information products and you’e ready to get started. It can be a daunting process to write and put together your first info product but by following a few simple steps you can save a lot of time and effort.   Here are a few tips to help you on your way to your first information product:

Do Your Research: Before spending a lot of time putting a product together, you should research to learn if there really is a need for it.  You can start by visiting online forums related to your target market.  Other websites which offer similar products or services to yours are also a good place to start.  You can also ask your customers what they need.  If you have newsletter subscribers send an email out asking what they would like to see more of.  You can even give them a free giveaway in exchange for their feedback.  A poll on your website also works well.  No matter which way you do it, just make sure you do your research before starting your writing.

Write an Outline: The easiest way to get started is to write an outline of what your product will include.  Go through the outline and brainstorm each section until you’re happy with the results.  Then you will need to go through each section and research that specific topic. You can easily get help with the research part by hiring a VA (virtual assistant) to help you.  An outline breaks the process down into attainable steps and once you have the outline you can start writing each section.  You can also record your thoughts or you have another person interview you, then have the audio transcribed and you should have a big portion of your product. You may want to take a legal pad or notebook and on one page just start jotting down ideas you would like to include in your product as they come to you.  Don’t worry too much about structure at this point, you just want to get all your ideas out on paper.  Anything you can think off which may be a good fit for your product, write it down. You can also write questions down such as “Who needs this product?” “Why is this product is necessary?” Once you’ve written all your thoughts, take a second sheet of paper and create an outline.  You want to write things down in the actual order they will appear in the book.  Your outline may include some of the following things: •Introduction •Copyright page •Disclaimer page •Body of the book  •Closing •Recommended Resources

Now you want to take the body of the book and break that into main sections.  For example one section may be called ìGetting Startedî while another may be called “Marketing your Business”.  Of course, it will depend on your subject but this should give you a general structure idea. Now for each section such as “Getting Started” write down each sub section. Lets say you’re product is about starting a website design business. You might write, “Who Needs Web Design Services?”How Much Can a Web designer Expect to Earn?” and so on.  Your answers to these questions will make up the content of your ebook. By the time you finish going through each section you have a rough outline.  Now read through it.  Does it all flow nicely?  Would some of the information fit better in another section of the book?  Did you leave something out or should you add something else?  Edit and tweak it a little then leave it for at least 24 hours. After a nice rest go back to it and look it over again with a fresh and open mind and make any necessary changes.

Putting it all Together: Once you have your research, it’s a matter of sitting down and doing the writing.  With your research already pre-written then it won’t be too difficult to go through (following your structure) and put the first phase of the product together. Once you have that very, very rough draft go back through the book again and start editing, changing things around, omitting things here and there and so on until you have a finished draft. Leave it aside for at least 24 hours then go back to it and repeat the editing process all over again.  And then keep doing this until you feel comfortable and happy with what you have produced.  The final step is to hand it over to a trusted relative or friend who can look it over and give you constructive criticism.

Another Way To Create An Information Product

Some people think of information products and automatically think eBook, but there are other forms of information products such as video and audio.  An information product, is a product which provides information.  An easy way to provide that information is through an audio interview or teleseminar. It works like this: Say you want to create a product to help dog owners train their dogs.  You can start by finding someone who will interview you, preferably someone who has experience conducting teleseminars or interviews. During the interview you will be asked questions about training dogs, how to train them, what to feed them, exercise tips, etc.  You simply answer these questions and provide other useful information to dog owners during the interview. Once you finish the interview, you can have it transcribed.

You now have an audio interview with transcript which you can package and sell as a product!  Not bad for a few hours worth of work, right? You can go a step further and throw in a few bonuses like a special report on how to keep your dog fit and healthy.   The idea is to add a few other high value items to increase bulk and also the value of your product. Another great way to use audio for your information product is to conduct a teleseminar.  It is similar to the interview except there will be other attendees present and usually a Question and Answer session (Q&A) at the end of the call. During the call you answer questions, provide tips and information.  You are the expert and will be sharing all the valuable expert knowledge with your audience.  Once the teleseminar is finished this can also be transcribed and packaged along with the audio as an information product.

Incorporating audio either in the form of an interview or teleseminar is an easy and effective way to produce information products.

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