More Money for Moms is now devoted to earning online because I feel that is where all the opportunities exist.

But, maybe you’ve never considered working online. You think that everything you see is a scam.

I understand, and I’m here to help.

If you are looking for a way to make more money, please consider the powerful and unlimited resource you have in front of you right now.

There is no online scam that gets by me. I don’t want to brag, but I can detect scams, misleading opportunities and just general exaggerations after reading one or two sentences.

If you don’t feel that confident, lean on me. I created and Mom$Online so that I can have a direct line to every mom who wants to earn more money.

Starting today, all my tweets will contain the hashtag #MoreMoneyforMoms

Some moms telecommute, some work freelance, some start an online business, and others just find a home job. All of these options allow a mom to work at home.

Some moms telecommute, some work freelance, and others just find a home job. All of these options allow a mom to work at home.

Freelancers are independent people who seek special assignments from a variety of companies.

Telecommuters are hired by one company to do the same job on a daily basis either part-time or full time from home and transmit their work to their employer.

Today, it is possible to get short and long-term assignments from a variety of companies that can be considered freelance or telecommuting…or just plain work-at-home jobs depending on the length and nature of the assignment and the viewpoint of the company providing the opportunity.

In the online world, home jobs, freelancing and telecommuting are words that can almost be interchangeable.

Do you have secretarial, administrative, writing, design, or marketing skills? Each of these skills can be used in a home job, to work freelance or to telecommute. This is where flexibility and creative thinking come in.

The message here is simple but important. If you want to be a telecommuter, consider freelance as another option. If you thought freelance work was your answer, consider short-term telecommuting projects. If you are looking for a home job, consider all three options.

If you still feel that a long-term telecommuting job is the only answer for you, consider seeking full or part-time employment outside your home with a family-friendly company and then try to get into their telecommuting program. It is unusual for a company to hire someone to telecommute without spending time working onsite first.

To learn how to convince your employer to let you telecommute read the article on

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