No One Can Replace Your Mom: Read My Story

Being a mother is hard, isn’t it? Learning to be a good mom without your mother is even harder.

I hope you are lucky enough to still have your mom in your life. If you do, cherish her, no matter what.

I lost my mom when I was only 24 – 4 years before I had my first child. So, I had to teach myself everything I now know. I taught myself how to cook, the best ways to raise my children – and how to make money at home while I raised them.

​How did I cope? Not easily…but I did finally realize a way to manage my sadness. I found out that the more I “mothered” my children – and others – the more the empty hole in my heart filled was filled with love.

That’s why I named this blog, “Home Working Mom Mentor.” When it comes to making money, I can be your “Answer Mom.” You see, helping you – helps me too.

A Crazy Week

This last week was really crazy for me. At the beginning of the week, I invited my subscribers to “Love Working Online”  newsletter to send me questions about working online. I heard from so many readers asking their “free” questions about working online and wishing me luck with the impending snow storm.

As the snow fell, I sat at my computer, read your emails, and felt so good that I could help. The thank-you emails I received the next day were very heartwarming.

We made it through the storm here on Long Island. It was bad, but not as bad as predicted.

By Wednesday, I wasn’t feeling very well. By Wednesday night, I knew I had the flu. I spent the next 3 days sick in bed — but my mind kept working. I kept thinking about how much I love answering your questions.

Today is Super Bowl Sunday. I feel a lot better and snow is in the forecast again! I have a lot of catch-up work to do, but I will be happy to answer some more questions today. I’d also love to hear about your Mom and how she influenced who you are today.

Asking a question gives you a chance to see what it would be like to have me at your beck and call for a year – as a member of Mom$Online. You can get a Silver Membership today by using the Coupon Code, ReadersSave$5

Even if you are reading this after Super Bowl Sunday, send me an email today and tell me about your hopes and dreams for working online – and your Mom. eMail: (Put Question or My Mom in the subject line)

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