Success Tip #6 of 31: Toxic People to Eliminate from Your Life – 4 Questions

As human beings, we can’t help but be influenced by what the people around us say and do. There are some people who always encourage us and point out the good in any situation. Others are true mentors who teach us how to grow and change our lives. If we are lucky, unconditional love is given to us from our families.

Inevitably, toxic people come into our lives—people who drag us down instead of building us up (or at least, not harming us!)

If someone drains you of energy, makes you lose confidence or feel worse about yourself, cut off contact. This is easier said than done, since we all want to be loved or at least liked.

Not sure about someone in your life? Ask yourself these questions:

Does that person…

•Talk only about themselves?

•Focus solely on what I can do for them?

•Make me feel stressed or heavy at the thought of interacting with them?

•Suck me into a negative mind-frame?

•Make me doubt my abilities?”

If you answered yes to even one of these, it is time to either change your responses—or cut the cord.

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