How to Find an Online Job

When you think about getting a job online, think very carefully. Real home jobs do exist but you have to know how to find them.  This is a sample of the type of email we receive on the subject:

“Dear I have an 8 1/2 month old and another baby on the way. I’m looking for data entry type work to do from my home computer. I’ve been receiving HomeWorking Mom-to-Mom Memos for a while, and they’ve been a great help. My problem is, how do I know which companies that I want to apply to aren’t scams? There’s one called SJ GABEL that seems to be for real, but how do I really know? I remember reading somewhere that you shouldn’t have to pay money to apply, and they ask for a one time fee of $20. It’s supposed to be for all the materials that they send you. Do you know anything about this company? If not, do you think I should be cautious? Please, let me know anything that may help in my search. Thank you so much for listening.” — Tara Ford

Dear Tara, Just as the Internet has helped us learn about many new opportunities, so has it helped common scams to be come more sophisticated. It can get very confusing when you try to evaluate opportunities based on a set of guidelines that can change rapidly. That’s why it is a good idea to find a safe place that you know you can trust. That is what we at want to be for you. You see, we don’t have to analyze every little detail of an opportunity because we’ve developed a deep understanding of what’s real and what’s not and we use that radar to bring you the best information and opportunities. We cannot evaluate the specific opportunity you asked about, but we can give you the questions to ask yourself to help you come to a decision yourself.

•After spending 3 minutes reading about the opportunity, do you understand exactly what you would have to do to make money.

•Do you understand exactly what you are paying for?

•When reading the testimonials, do they have real names and cities as signatures?

•Do the trust-inspiring words they use actually relate to specific parts of the opportunity? If the answer to even one of these questions is “no” you have entered a scam zone and need to get out quickly. Don’t let wishful thinking and your desire to spend more time with your children cloud your good judgement. I believe in telling it like it is, prepare yourself for these truths

•If you want to work at home, you have to change your focus. When you change your focus, you will be able to change your life. If you believe that the answers are there, you will find them.

•Stop wishing for the impossible. There are NO perfect pathways to working at home. We fall for scams only when we are willing to believe there are magical answers.

•Stop scam hunting. If you put your focus on scams, that is all you will find. Instead, take the time to learn the guidelines above and then move on. When you do that, you won’t have to spend more than a minute looking at an opportunity before you know that it is not worth your time.

•Focus on the moms who are successfully working at home. What are they doing that you are not?

•Open your mind. Consider starting your own business instead of looking for others to give you permission to do the work you want to do. If you want to do data entry, do the research, make up some business cards and a price list and offer your services to local businesses.

There are many wonderful resources to help you get the information you need to get started. You have all heard the expression, “Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach him how to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.” It is our goal at to teach all of you how to develop one or more ways to earn money at home.

We don’t believe in throwing you a fish and we don’t see any value in being the scam police. No matter how many scams are identified, there will always be more tomorrow. In the meantime, you can feel 100% sure that will never write about a resource that we don’t trust. We will not accept advertising from any questionable opportunities.


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