Are You a Scam Hunter?

Hunting for scams might not be the best idea — because you usually find what you are looking for.

If you were a lion-hunter, you would probably find some lions. If you were a bargain-hunter, you would find many wonderful bargains.

Scam-hunters almost always find scams…or are scammed. They can sometimes have a morbid satisfaction each time they are taken in online because now they have one more reason to give why they cannot be successful.

I saw a report on TV Internet scams that profiled a mom who just wanted something to do while her baby napped. So, she decided to stuff envelopes. She sent in her $29.95 for a “kit” and found out it was a scam.

Stuffing envelopes is the oldest scam in the book. It was around years before it was used on the Internet.

The next woman they profiled lost over $3,000 because she deposited a check sent by a phony mystery shopping company into her bank account and IMMEDIATELY sent them a wire transfer for about $2,500. She was supposed to be checking on the bank’s customer service.

Of course, the check bounced and she was out $2500.

What happened to common sense? Why would ANYONE pay someone $200/hour to stuff envelopes? And WHO sends money BEFORE the check clears?

Scam-hunters, of course.

They found exactly what they were looking for. They got scammed and the TV show used them to scare the audience away from making money online.

Don’t be fooled. You find what you are looking for in life.

Both of these women – perfectly nice women, I’m sure – were looking for the easy way out. They wanted to find an easy answer to making money.

They didn’t study marketing online. They didn’t do research to see what is selling and discover how they can follow proven methods to attract potential customers or clients. They didn’t take the time to learn how to find legitimate jobs online — like the information available in our brand new Mom$Online.

Here’s my message: Become a Success Hunter not a Scam Hunter.

When you hunt for success – that is exactly what you will find.

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