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Two Little Dogs Can Teach You How To Succeed - Love Working Online Dog

When I think about my little dog, Charlie, I think of this quote:

“When the world says, ‘Give up,’ Hope whispers, ‘Try it one more time.”

If you were to ask me what the most important trait successful people have, I would answer, Perseverance.When you do not give up you always have another chance to get what you want by the lessons we learn.

When I think about perseverance, I think of Charlie – a loving, patient little friend to everyone in my family. In many ways he looked like a puppy his whole life.

That is, until you looked closer.

Charlie became deaf in his old age, but he learned to adjust. A diligent watch dog, he was very confused and disoriented at first. Then, he lost his eyesight.

His great appetite for food and life remained and, even though he was blind and deaf, he still climbed up and down  stairs. Going up, his muscle memory took over and he climbed as fast as ever. Going down the stairs required him to lean against the wall and take it one step at a time.

I was amazed every single day at Charlie’s perseverance. The thing is, he didn’t even know that he had the option of giving up. He just kept going forward and living for the moment, one step at a time.

After a good, long life of 16 years, my dog Charlie went to doggie heaven.

He kept climbing the stairs until 1 day before he traveled over the Rainbow Bridge. I miss him sleeping at my feet as I work, but I will also keep being inspired by his will to live every day to the fullest, no matter what obstacles I face.

So, when you get frustrated, think about Charlie and take life and the work you do one step at a time, and never, ever give up.


After Charlie left us, our house seemed so empty. So, we added a new family member – Doodle, a white Havanese with one black ear and random black markings that look like someone “doodled” on him.

Life with a puppy also had its lessons.

Puppies don’t sit around and wonder if they are making the right move or what their best option is. They just attack life head-on. They make mistakes (plenty of them) but that’s how they learn. Doodle just wanted the best life has to offer him and he was willing to go get it, every moment he was awake.

Do you let your fear of making a mistake stop you from moving forward?

So many people wait for the exactly the right time to begin working on their dreams. The house has to be clean, the kids in school and every detail has to be perfect.

Instead, just start working on your ideas and goals. As you begin to work, you will find that your focus will change and you will get new ideas.

I remember the day Doodle learned to climb up and down the stairs. At first, he had no clue what to do and even fell down. With a loved one at the top cheering him on, he climbed up all 12 stairs without stopping! He puppy growled to himself on the way down to give himself courage.

If we didn’t let him try the stairs or if he had been too timid, he’d still be fenced-in behind the gate, wondering if he could do it. Today, he runs up and down those same stairs without hesitation, all day long.

The two dogs Ive had in my life have given me valuable lessons:

  • Start now
  • Persevere
  • Never, ever give up.

Just by following these simple principles, you’d be surprised how much you can learn and how far you can go in a very short time.

Just ask Doodle.

UPDATE: Doodle, the puppy, is now 13-years-old.

After 11 years of loving devotion, Doodle’s health problems began. He became diabetic…and quickly lost his eyesight.

If a person met Doddle’s fate, they would have to deal with the psychological challenges of suddenly changing their diet, getting a shot twice a day, while coping with total blindness.

Doodle just keeps on living his life like nothing has changed.

Dogs have an excellent sense of smell. He uses his little nose to guide him around the house. Smelling his way through life, supplemented by what he hears and feels under his feet, helps him navigate without a problem. The shots? He just looks forward to getting the treat that goes with it.

Doodle always made eye contact before he went blind and it breaks my heart to lose that connection. If Doodle is sad, he doesn’t show it.

I have no way of knowing how much longer Doodle will be in our lives. But I do feel sure that every moment he has left with us will be spent living his life to the fullest. Perseverance seems to come naturally to dogs.

If you are facing a life or business challenge, just think about Charlie and Doodle and how they persevered no matter what happened to them.

I know I always will.

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